Fused cervical spine C-3, C-4, C-5, C-6, & C-7.

The following sample shows my before treatment and after Myofascial Release treatment.

Extremely limited range of motion in lateral rotation of neck to the right and left.

AFTER 1 MFR Treatment
Increased lateral rotation by 15% on both right and left lateral rotation.

See below comparing LEFT Before, LEFT After, RIGHT Before, RIGHT After.

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Work Setting

Globetrotter Bodyworker requires a minimum work setting of 9 feet by 4 feet to set up table equipment. If the facility is unable to provide this minimum required space, Globetrotter Bodyworker can accommodate on a standard bed with a portable headrest.

Non Discrimination

Globetrotter Bodyworker does not discriminate in any respect with regard to Client’s national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual preference or on any other basis including mental or physical disability that is not a contraindication to the service requested.

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The Service duration is the amount of time scheduled for the treatment, 15 minutes for equipment set up, 15 minutes for equipment break down and any wait time will be added on.


The Client will be professionally draped during the treatment as required by Nevada State Law for professional massage therapists outlined by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board (FSMTB).


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Receiving Bodywork is natural and healthy for all ages from infants to seniors. Anyone under the legal age of 18 is welcome to receive treatments with a signature from a legal guardian or parent and if under 13 years of age, the legal guardian or parent must be present somewhere at the same location at all times during the massage.


A Gratuity is not included in the day rate for specific Treatment Services.  Offering a gratuity is at Client’s personal discretion and is appreciated.


There are no refunds on Services, Pre-Paid Packages or Gift Cards, unless the Service purchased is a package quantity that could not be fulfilled due to the issuing Client’s death.

Incomplete Service

 If the treatment being rendered to Client was in progress but was not completed for the allotted time that Service was purchased, due to unforeseeable events that are considered extenuating circumstances, such as, but not limited to, death, loss of a loved one in the Clients immediate family, or any other event considered extremely dire, the amount of time incomplete will be made available as an add on, without charge to following Service, which Client purchases.


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