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Deep Tissue

Kendra’s deep tissue is actually stronger than the men.  I was going to a sports center frequently for my sciatica when it would act up since I am a runner.  With a weekly massage by her, I have quit seeing the sports therapy center and running pain free!

Kendra extensively trained under Marco Yrjovuori, the Los Angeles Lakers and Kings Sports Therapist. She uses his signature “Thumb Tool” technique, which is basically extreme strength without dangerous elbows.

Deep Tissue Bodywork addresses but is not limited to the following acute or chronic pain:

Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain is usually either when a person is turning side to side or bending forward.

If you are experiencing “rotational” back pain (from when you turn side to side), Kendra offers a side lying technique that can effectively reduce this pain either completely or almost completely in half a treatment. This back pain is usually acute (not chronic) and may be the result of certain types of sport activities such as swinging a golf club. It could also be caused by improperly lifting a heavy object from the side of your body rather than in front of your body.

If you are experiencing forward bending back pain, Kendra will assess the postural and gait components of your day to day body habits to create a treatment plan. This could be more chronic back pain and may also be due to a disc impingement of the spine or a herniated disc. If you have a herniated disc, you can still receive bodywork.

Neck Pain

Are you having trouble turning your head side to side? Is your neck extremely stiff?

Kendra does passive and active movement neck techniques that she has held workshops in for years for other bodyworkers. These techniques will assist your axial rotation from 10% range to 50% or more range in a single session.

The technique is so unique, most people say they have never experienced anything like it before.

Please note: if your neck pain is due to whiplash or a cervical herniation, Craniosacral Bodywork is the style that would be more suited to your needs.


TMJ, the acronym for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder occurs from grinding your teeth at night or during the day accumulates tension in the jaw (mandible) and temporal muscles (the temples of your face).

I use a cross fiber technique over the muscle tissue that breaks up the stress adhesions and allows for better expansion of your jaw.

I also like to combine this treatment with energy healing of the throat, third eye and crown chakra so we can access clarity around the root cause of this coping mechanism. What is causing you stress in your dreams or field of vision? When did TMJ start for you and what was occurring in your life at that time that cause you to develop this coping habit?


Do you have sharp shooting or tingling pains down your leg? You could have sciatica.

Sciatica can be the result of a couple different things. If the pain occurs while you are pregnant, it is most likely a subluxation of the spine that is creating an intervertebral impingement of the nerve. For this type, I would refer you to a specialized chiropractor.

Often times, sciatica symptoms are caused by a tight Piriformis muscle, which is the muscle that wraps around the Sciatic nerve just below the gluteal (butt) muscles and attaches from the lower spine to the hip bone. A tight piriformis can be due to lots of different stressors we put on our body, however, what I find interesting is that it can be due to both too much sitting or too much standing or too much walking. Pretty much any extreme activity can create this pain.

Once the pain is down into the lower calf or ankle, you are in an advanced stage of sciatica and may take more than a single treatment to unwind. For less severe cases, a single session can be very effective.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis can be extremely painful when walking and often times, doctors have no cure for this. I have seen many people go to for laser therapy and other types of physical therapy to no avail.

Within one treatment you will feel usually at least 50% improved. A series of 3 Treatments is recommended.

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Individual Treatments

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One Day Intensive

One Day Comprehensive Treatment consists of three consecutive hours of bodywork. The intention is a strong focus on your body structures, energetic system, and hidden messages.

3 Hours

Extended Series

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6 Treatments for the price of 5 - $1250 (Save $250)

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12 Treatments for the price of 9 - $2250 (Save $750)

Myofascial Release

Kendra studied under John F. Barnes the leading Myofascial Release creator and instructor in Phoenix Arizona.

Most people have not heard of Myofascial Release because it is not a “normal” massage like you would think of Deep Tissue or Swedish.

Fascia is the outer lining of every structure in our body from a cell, muscle fiber, groups of muscle fibers that create a muscle, the outer lining of organs, blood, and even bone. Because the fascia system encases every part of our body, it also holds our consciousness, our emotions, and our energy that travels through our body. Our body’s fascia system is getting more and more attention by the medical field than ever before because it is the ONLY whole body system.

Myofascial Release incorporates deep tissue, trigger point therapy, craniosacral and ethereal (energy) bodywork on one continuum.

Frequency of treatments is really important to maintain tissue memory because there are many layers and a long history of your muscle memory so re-releasing your fascia time and again will help your body maintain remembering a new muscle memory.

To receive this Bodywork, PLEASE have dry skin -- NO lotion, perfume or cologne. This service is performed without lotion or oil.

Muscular Myofascial Release

Muscular MFR addresses stretching the lining of the muscle as a whole with broad pressure that is very slow moving (also known as glacial pressure). If you have an injury that is creating a shift in your gait, muscles may be made to perform differently than before and added stress may be in other parts of your body. Muscular MFR can help to bring your muscle pattern back to alignment.

Scar Tissue Bodywork

Scar tissue is often thick, constricted tissue that pulls other areas of the body and usually forms as a result of trauma to the tissue. Trauma can come from surgery, direct injury (an example could be falling off your motorcycle), or an indirect injury (such as a muscle tear while running).

Bodywork on a scar is deep work to reduce the internal scar and related tension it creates on other parts of your body. Internal scars can be connected to other areas of the body, physically and emotionally. For example, a hysterectomy scar can cause back pain, or a scar on your knee can cause pain in the hip.

Emotional Visceral

Emotional Release: The Solar Plexus (just below the diaphragm) is the “Emotional Brain” and people want to protect this. When people let go of this area in their body, emotions can often come up. You are encouraged to allow this and to simply feel!

The left brain may try to conceptualize what you are receiving and fear letting go in order to shut down the emotional response. As John Barnes says, “It is okay to be afraid. We are all afraid. When we feel our fear, it transforms into a person and becomes your friend.”

Do you have a personal set of headphones? If not, I will bring a headset that can be sanitized. I highly recommend listening to Hemi-Sync music therapy while receiving this treatment – so you can let go and heal.

Women & Prenatal

Menstrual cramping: 99% menstrual issues are related to pelvic fascial restrictions of the fallopian tubes.

Prenatal nausea symptoms: the Vegas nerve innervates through the respiratory diaphragm. When pregnant, the symptoms of nausea occurs if this nerve is being impinged by the fascia of the diaphragm.

Prenatal Respiratory Constriction: if you are in your second trimester having trouble breathing you need the MFR thoracic cross-hand release to create a more spacious environment for the baby to develop in.

Giving Birth: Having several MFR treatment days before the delivery can help to create a quiet, safe delivery. With traction of the pelvis and releasing fascial restrictions in the hips, the baby should not have trouble in the birth canal. Every mother and child should experience this loving ease.


Elder people turn into cement if they do not maintain elasticity of their fascial system. “Osteoarthritis” is a need to free up fascia to regain joint play and joint lubrication and allow self-healing.

Common Body Patterns: Lumbar Lordosis

Shoulder and neck forward: for every centimeter the head is forward, the lumbar must work 3 times harder.

Herniated disc

Instead of cutting your disc, try opening up your fascia.

  • Myofascial Release is nice because it was very slow and works with pressure and slow movement. Very relaxing. I could feel her listening to my body.

  • When Kendra was under my neck I felt a blockage that moved from my brain to my nose, my nose got clogged and then a release. I also had an emotional release of sadness or grief first surface then release. It was beautiful.

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Individual Treatments

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One Day Intensive

Extended Series

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6 Treatments for the price of 5 - $1250 (Save $250)

Reserve Now

12 Treatments for the price of 9 - $2250 (Save $750)

Trigger Point Therapy

I couldn’t breathe, my shoulder locked up and I thought I was having a heart attack…


The above statement is more common than you think and the majority of people go to the ER where they are given muscle relaxers. One quarter of doctor visits are due to trigger point pain. Trigger Points are often in a latent state, which mean you don’t feel them until the “straw that breaks the camel’s back.” That could be a car accident that jolts the locked position harder than ever before or something as simple as washing a dish.

A Trigger Point is an area of tension located in fascia and the bellies of muscle that may refer pain in a localized or peripheral manner. Trigger Points occur when a muscle fibril (a tiny part of a muscle) is in constant contraction from how you hold yourself. Generally, stiff holding patterns occur in the shoulders due to daily stress. These holding patterns go undetected to our conscious state because the contraction is so slight.

If one fibril begins to fatigue (imagine holding your arm bent for hours and the biceps finally starts to shake), it will spasm and if it is wrapped around a nerve, the effect is wretched. When a trigger point is active, it can cause a substantial increase in a client’s pain locally or, in what seems to be a totally unrelated area of the body. Many people get shooting pains down either arm or up the neck. Also, this may produce numbing in the fingers, migraines, or even simply, a sharp, annoying pain in any specific area that prevents movement. If left untreated, a Trigger Point can prevent muscles from fully healing and ultimately have adverse long-term effects on other body systems such as the cardiovascular system (let’s say, if the trigger point is in a muscle between the ribs and you cannot breathe very well).

This is treatable. Trigger points can last years without treatment. Typically 5-6 treatments will rid you of the full onslaught of pain, but this too depends on how long you have had the condition and if you are willing to become aware of how you hold your body and work to change your innate pattern.

  • Kendra finds each point on your body that is in pain and works on it until it feels much better.  Kendra’s skills are like an oasis in the desert.  Her massage is not only relaxing, but it is nourishing and energizing.

  • Every point she touched, I knew that she knew intuitively what was going on there and she worked it thoroughly and effectively. Not only was she fantastic at what she does, she went above and beyond!  With my pain, I had been unable to reach for certain things in my home or even retrieve my mail due to my arm and shoulder pain and she helped me get those things as well.   I highly recommend this service for trigger point massage therapy if you are in any kind of arm or shoulder pain that causes you to have shooting and tingling pains down your arms like I had.  They can really help!



The terms of service outlined below (Here in after referred to as, the “Agreement”) is a legal Agreement between you (Here in after referred to as, the “Client”) and LABP Holdings LLC dba Globetrotter Bodyworker, a California corporation (Here in after referred to as, “Globetrotter Bodyworker”) operating under licensed massage therapist contractor number 43404. Client must agree to the following terms and conditions in order to use the Service (defined below) and the associated Application (defined below). By using or receiving any services performed by Globetrotter Bodyworker (Here in after referred to as, the “Service”), and downloading, installing or using any associated application supplied by Globetrotter Bodyworker, the purpose of to enable Client to use the Service (Here in after referred to as, the “Application”), Client acknowledge and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Agreement, and any future amendments and additions to this Agreement as published from time to time at or through the Service or Application.

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Treatment Service:

All treatments are strictly non-sexual in nature. If the Client is unclothed during treatment, the Client must be professionally draped. If the Client behaves inappropriately, Service will be dismissed and Globetrotter Bodyworker has a professional right to decline providing future Services to that Client.

Reservation Hours.

The Client may make Service reservations 24 hours a day, 365 days a year within the Application or by phone or text message.

Reservation Minimum

Please reserve a minimum Service of 60 minutes in duration. If Client need a shorter duration, please call Globetrotter Bodyworker directly to discuss.

Late Night Reservations.

Reservations for Service may be made 24 hours a day. Late night additional charges will apply for service provided between the hours of 10pm and 5am.


A credit card is used to hold the reservation; however, payment may be made at the time of Service in cash or with a different credit card.


All parking charges incurred to provide Service is the responsibility of the Client to either pay directly or reimburse Globetrotter Bodyworker for that expense.

Wait Time

If Globetrotter Bodyworker is asked to wait after scheduled reservation time before or after providing Service, the allotted time will be billed at $25 per 15minute increment, with the initial 15 minutes provided at no charge, at Globetrotter Bodyworker’s discretion.

Confirmation Calls

If the reservation is made 72 hours in advance or more, a 24 hour confirmation call will be provided by Globetrotter Bodyworker’s service.


Rescheduling Client Service with less than 1 hour notice will be billed to Client as a No Show, non-refundable cancellation.

Rescheduling Client Service on the same day with more than 4 hours advance notice, will incur no charge.


Cancellations made with 1 to 4 hours notice will be billed a flat $100 fee.

Work Setting

Globetrotter Bodyworker requires a minimum work setting of 9 feet by 4 feet to set up table equipment. If the facility is unable to provide this minimum required space, Globetrotter Bodyworker can accommodate on a standard bed with a portable headrest.

Non Discrimination

Globetrotter Bodyworker does not discriminate in any respect with regard to Client’s national origin, religion, age, gender, sexual preference or on any other basis including mental or physical disability that is not a contraindication to the service requested.

Service Duration

The Service duration is the amount of time scheduled for the treatment, 15 minutes for equipment set up, 15 minutes for equipment break down and any wait time will be added on.


The Client will be professionally draped during the treatment as required by Nevada State Law for professional massage therapists outlined by the Federation of State Massage Therapy Board (FSMTB).


The highest compliment a Client can give Globetrotter Bodyworker is to make a referral.  As a show of gratitude, Client will receive a discount code for 50% off his/her next Service.

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Client Age

Receiving Bodywork is natural and healthy for all ages from infants to seniors. Anyone under the legal age of 18 is welcome to receive treatments with a signature from a legal guardian or parent and if under 13 years of age, the legal guardian or parent must be present somewhere at the same location at all times during the massage.


A Gratuity is not included in the day rate for specific Treatment Services.  Offering a gratuity is at Client’s personal discretion and is appreciated.


There are no refunds on Services, Pre-Paid Packages or Gift Cards, unless the Service purchased is a package quantity that could not be fulfilled due to the issuing Client’s death.

Incomplete Service

 If the treatment being rendered to Client was in progress but was not completed for the allotted time that Service was purchased, due to unforeseeable events that are considered extenuating circumstances, such as, but not limited to, death, loss of a loved one in the Clients immediate family, or any other event considered extremely dire, the amount of time incomplete will be made available as an add on, without charge to following Service, which Client purchases.


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Liability Insurance

Globetrotter Bodyworker carries liability insurance for any bodily injury which may result from receiving treatment with Associated Bodywork Massage Professionals Certificate of Insurance.

Payment Terms

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